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Dongchimi (동치미)

Dongchimi (동치미)

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Dongchimi (동치미) is traditional authentic winter kimchi in Korea. The name dong (동 means 'winter') and chimi (치미 is an ancient term for kimchi). Dongchimi has a clear and clean taste. It goes very well with cold noodle soup such as Dongchimi noodles (동치미국수) and Naengmyeon (냉면). Also, it has a great balance with steamed sweet potatoes and rich flavoured foods. 

Dongchimi does not contain any fish sauce/shrimp extract, so vegan friendly. :)


겨울철이면 생각나는 동치미 입니다. 동치미 국수, 또는 냉면국물로 드셔도 참 맛있고요, 겨울철 간식 군고구마와 찰떡궁합이죠! 동치미에는 액젓이 전혀 들어가지 않은 비건 음식입니다. :) 



500g Pouch - Net weight 210g

1kg Pouch - Net weight 420g



Water, salted white radishes, salted napa cabbages, spring onions, onions, chilli peppers, garlic, sea salt, brown sugar, goji berries, pears. 


Allergen advice: For allergens, see ingredients in BOLD.


Store refrigerated in an airtight container.

Kimchi is a live product that will become naturally acidic and abundant in beneficial bacteria with ongoing fermentation.

Gas produced may cause the pouch to bulge.


Shelf-life: 1 months from the packing date.


Produced in UK.