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Kimchi Life Cycle

diced radish kimchi

Early: 1-10 days

Fresh kimchi is crunchy and crisp with an earthy, salty taste.
At the start of fermentation kimchi will begin to bubble and produce water.


Mid: 10-20 days

Mid aged kimchi texture becomes softer, but still crunchy at the core. The taste starts to become slightly acidic and all flavours begin to harmonise. This is the taste people associate with kimchi. It is abundant in lactic acid bacteria.


Mature: Acidic & Soft (20+ days)

Continued fermentation makes kimchi more acidic and soft. Although the taste can be overly sour as a side dish, this stage is perfect as a cooking ingredient used in many traditional recopies. Cooked mature kimchi is just as important in Korean cuisine as fresh kimchi.

Try kimchi stew (김치찌개), kimchi pancake (김치전) or kimchi fried rice (김치볶음밥) made with mature kimchi. 


Alive Foods kimchi is produced to order and shipped just days after production.
Enjoy the full taste from freshness to maturity!